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The first support to earn platform in esports


how everything began

It all started with the encounter of 2 Bees, sharing a vision and an ambitious dream no one believed they could achieve: to create a movement filled with passion and energy.

A project where each singularity would play a role for a bigger collective objective: to dominate a new world of battles never seen before.

In just few years, the hive started growing and each member found its place around the Queen Bee, from the foragers to the builders. Thousands of Bees began to buzz to make France shine throughout the world.

They all found a place to gather in Paris, at V.Hive. A place where each bee would stand in line to defend and expand Team Vitality’s vision. A common good made of individual efforts.

After 9 years of combats with some great victories, it is time for V.Hive to expand beyond the physical world as we know it.

It is time for V.Hive to reunite all of the Bees in one decentralised ecosystem, a futuristic Neo-Paris universe, where they will be able to join forces from all over the world and, as a single swarm, work together to support Team Vitality in reaching its ambitious goals.

Their mission: foraging on their own or as a group to take over the esports world and more, under one banner. The more actions are made to grow the hive, the more honey will flow to empower our guards and reward the cleaners and nurses. As V.Hive grows, so will you, going through different stages of evolution, upgrading your equipment to better defend your flag, evolving in rank while completing quests.

So which one of you will best serve V.Hive and get the closest to her Majesty?

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« Vitality has been building a strong history with its fans for the past 9 years, and we want to go further. »
« Our goal, enhance our fans’ experience and reward their support. »
« We believe that Blockchain technology is one of the technologies in which we see a huge potential to bring more value to our fans. »
« We want to gather our fans in one place accessible to everyone whether they are blockchain-enthusiasts or not. »


V.Hive aims to be the first support-to-earn system in esports for the widest audience with a free and easy to understand platform, opening new fan experience opportunities.
  • V.Hive will gather all of our fans on one platform around Team Vitality’s project. Each fan will be officially certified and will have a role to play in order to grow the Hive.
  • V.Hive will reward fans for their engagement and for supporting Team Vitality (on socials, during events, etc)
  • Exclusive rewards will be available: limited edition merchandising, attending events or even meeting with players will become attainable dreams
  • Blockchain will not be mandatory but we will accompany and educate you all on the platform to ensure full understanding of it


June 2022
Enter the Hive
June-Dec 2022
Collaborative quests
July 2022
1st drop / 1st utilities
August 2022
Meet your Bees
Physical event utility / Collaborative project
Oct-Dec 2022
Beta test exclusive access / Digital wearables / Mobile app launch / Quests / More utilities
To be announced soon !

Power of Tezos

Tezos is an open source Proof of Stake blockchain that is energy efficient, security-focused, and seamlessly upgradable. These features are consistent with the Club’s wider efforts to promote environmental sustainability, and to continually evolve with the support of a global community.

Tezos & Vitality : only a few steps left to become a superfan

The future of Team Vitality will be built on the Tezos blockchain. Get ready for a fan experience that will be supercharged to levels never before imagined.